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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Teaching Dr Lubos Motl about a basic problem in string theory, his area of expertise

Dear Lumo,

You say 'Your 10^{-58} meters as an alternative for string scale is nonsense, and you can't justify it, and no one can reproduce it.'

I said it was the black hole size, R = 2GM/c^2

Putting in the electron mass gives something on the order 10^-58 m.

I did explain this is black hole size.

The Planck size is determined by dimensional analysis to find the smallest possible length from fundamental constants.

It is disproved, because the black hole size of an electron is smaller than the Planck size.
Planck evidently did not think of proposing the combination of units MG/c^2 to get length, with M the electron mass.

If you want theoretical justification for the black hole electron, check out my internet site. However, there is no justification for the Planck size experimentally or theoretically. It is nonsense to use this unit in ST. This doesn't need a DSc. It is obviously an error on the ST background which is ignored.

Best wishes,


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