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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Spin and the fifth dimension

Does the difference between the known differing spin of bosons and fermions derive from the freedom to spin in an extra dimension?

If indeed black holes (mass) in 5-D spacetime are equivalent to radiation on the 4-D hologram, does this equate fermions in 5-D with bosons on the 4-D hologram? Is spin altered by freedom in extra dimensions?

In electromagnetic theory, a boson like a photon contains equal amounts of positive and negative electric field energy travelling at light speed with integer spin and ‘no rest mass’ (it is never at rest anyway).

A fermion like an electron has just one type of electric field energy (negative in the case of an electron), and has half integer spin with a rest mass (it can be at rest, while still spinning around some internal axis).

I think this is the kind of deep question that should be addressed. Is the distinction, between normal fermions and bosons, that spin can include an extra dimension?

This may sound a bit like Feynman's crackpot idea that positive charge like a positron is simply negative charge like an electron travelling backwards in time.

However, Dr t’Hooft has suggested that the holographic conjecture (based on Bekenstein bound) implies that a 5-D spacetime is equivalent to 4-D spacetime with the spacetime fabric as fifth dimension. Dr Jacob D. Bekenstein say (http://www.essentia.com/discovery/holographic_spacetime.htm):‘Superstring theory rules in the 5-D spacetime, but a so-called conformal field theory of point particles operates on the 4-D hologram. A black hole in the 5-D spacetime is equivalent to hot radiation on the hologram--for example, the hole and the radiation have the same entropy even though the physical origin of the entropy is completely different for each case.’

Holography is the encoding of information from a larger number of dimensions into fewer dimensions, eg a 3-D image by holography exists on a 2-D photo.


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