Quantum gravity physics based on facts, giving checkable predictions

Monday, September 19, 2005

http://motls.blogspot.com/2005/09/why-no-new-einstein-ii.html :

Nigel said...
Dear Lumos,Re: your comment "your confused considerations of classical cosmology shows that your brain had to make a horrible mistake, and I encourage you to think about it again because what you produced makes absolutely no sense."

When I say ST is at a dead end I'm referring to the approach by which you hope to get something useful out of an energy balance using the existing cosmology.

With 90% of the mass of the universe undetected if classical cosmology is right, plus the issue that distant expansion is not being slowed down as classical cosmology predicted, it looks like a dead end.My "great idea" comes from LeSage, who suggested gravity is a pushing effect in 1748 and used it to predict the nuclear atom (because the force would have to penetrate atoms to act on every particle of matter, not just on the outer surface area of a planet): George Louis LeSage, Lucrece Newtonien, Nouveaux Memoires De L’Academie Royal de Sciences et Belle Letters, 1782, pp. 404-31. It is online at http://www3.bbaw.de/bibliothek/digital/struktur/03-nouv/1782/jpg-0600/00000495.htm

In CERN preprint EXT-2004-007 and in two Electronics World articles I showed that Feynman's ideas on presenting general relativity as a compressing force of the spacetime fabric were equivalent to the Lorentz contraction: the spacetime fabric pressure when moving shortens objects in the direction of motion, and the contraction term in general relativity supplies the same effect for gravity.‘… the source of the gravitational field can be taken to be a perfect fluid…. A fluid is a continuum that ‘flows’... A perfect fluid is defined as one in which all antislipping forces are zero, and the only force between neighboring fluid elements is pressure.’ – Bernard Schutz, ‘General Relativity’, Cambridge University Press, 1986, pp. 89-90.

‘It was proposed that a mechanism of gravity should be developed to rigorously test all of the consequences of the physical fluid model for the fabric of space… The success of this model for gravity has implications for the unification of fundamental forces via quantum theory.’ – Nigel Cook, ‘Solution to a Problem with General Relativity’, CERN Document Server paper preprint EXT-2004-007.

The paper is at http://nigelcook0.tripod.com/ and shows that for the correct mechanism of gravity due to LeSage, the critical density is exactly .5e^3 (or about 10 times) higher than the true density. Hence most of the dark matter is eliminated, enabling an energy balance to become feasible.It is interesting that your reaction is so similar to Peter Woit's and also Quantoken's, who both dismissed it as 'nonsense'.

When I pointed out that the editor of PRL, Stanley Brown, used ST to block my paper, Peter wrote http://www.math.columbia.edu/~woit/mt/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=215 :

I'm tempted to delete the previous comment, but am leaving it since I think that, if accurate, it is interesting to see that the editor of PRL is resorting to an indefensible argument in dealing with nonsense submitted to him (although the "..." may hide a more defensible argument). Please discuss this with the author of this comment on his weblog, not here. I'll be deleting any further comments about this. Posted by Peter Woit at July 7, 2005 07:27 PM

Both you and Peter need to see this: ‘(1). The idea is nonsense. (2). Somebody thought of it before you did. (3). We believed it all the time.’ - Professor R.A. Lyttleton's summary of inexcusable censorship (quoted by Sir Fred Hoyle in ‘Home is Where the Wind Blows’ Oxford University Press, 1997, p154).

Best wishes,Nigel


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