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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Nigel Cook worries about non-existent censorship?

Extracts from Daily Express article by Allison Little, 29 September 2005, p8:

"... Mr Wolfgang [a pacifist and for half a century a member of the Labour Party] was detained by police under the Prevention of Terrorism Act [for shouting 'nonsense' once during in the Labour Party Conference when Jack Straw lectured about the policy on Iraq]...

" ... it flew in the face of Tony Blair's defence of the Iraq war two years ago when he said: 'The great thing about living in a democracy is that people are free to express their view.' "

The article quotes Frank Dobson saying: "It is particularly poignant as he was a refugee from Nazi Germany where expressing dissent was not exactly encouraged."

The paper's editorial on p10 of the same issue says:

"Control freaks have taken over...

"Mr Wolfgang's yell of 'nonsense' seemed a very sane response, but in less time than it takes to say 'negative image', he was thrown out. ... These days they sit meekly in the hall, listening dutifully to the word from the ruling presidium. The whole event is controlled with an iron fist Stalin would have admired. ... In Tony Blair's unbrave new world, nobody can be seen to demur, let alone disrupt. It was a moment of truth. Control freakery rules ... Mr Wolfgang was like the little boy pointing out the emperor was naked. He'll be lucky not to get an Asbo."

An 'Asbo' in Britain is an anti-social behaviour order, keeping anti-social people from annoying others by law enforcement. However, remember that in the 'police states' of dictatorships, the law enforcement propaganda sounds very similar. Thin end of the wedge?

How far can the government go after election? If you cursed Hitler in 1935, you would probably have been reminded he was democratically elected in 1933. But does that mean Hitler was right to assume dictatorial powers?

Back to fundamental science

Heaviside wrote Maxwell's equations which is basically the whole of classical electromagnetism. In the process he invented the induction coil system which makes long-distance phones work without frequency-dependent attenuation (speech distortion).

As a result,Heaviside found that Maxwell's theory implies a pulse of electromagnetic energy is guided by two conductors, the speed depending on the insulator between them.This contradicts the idea that electricity flows in or on the conductors, independently of the insulator.

Obviously, Heaviside and Catt are bothtalking reality, which is the light speed energy flow. People like Maxwell, Ohm and Ampere were living in a dream world where they had no idea how fastelectricity goes.

On the internet, I've quoted Maxwell writing in histreatise that he has no idea whether electricity goes at [a fast or slow speed relative to light]. The error of Maxwell is that his (two curl) equations describe two properties of the transmission line TEM wave, which is the mechanism forenergy delivery in electricity.

What you see in the electric contradiction between particles (drift current of electrons at 1 mm/s for 1 amp) and waves (light speed TEM wave, whose speed is that of light not for the wire butcrucially for the insulator between the wires) is wave-particle duality 30 years before de Broglie and Bohr.

Catt then points out that Maxwell made a second error, apart from simply ignoring the mechanism of electric energy transfer (which Heaviside workedon, you just need to time a Morse Code pulse sent into a long cable with four conductors crossing over at the other end so the pulse you send out inone pair comes back in the other; Heaviside did this sort of thing with along undersea cable between Newcastle and Denmark).

The second Maxwell error was to assume that when a capacitor charges, theonly motion is of energy is from one plate to the other, whereas Cattexplains that the energy is actually travelling along the capacitor platesand so it charges up just like an open-ended transmission line (a pair ofunterminated wires) connected to battery terminals.

Hence Maxwell's 'capacitor' with vacuum insulator is really a transmission line. This means that it charges in in a series of discrete steps, not the traditional textbook continuous 1 - e^t type curve. Since Maxwell actually used thecapacitor to get the equation for displacement current in one of the fourMaxwell-Heaviside equations, we see that this equation is misleading, in that it should be a stepwise 'curve' not a continuous curve.

It isimpossible to differentiate a true stepwise increase since calculus gives infinity as the result of each vertical jump which occurs when the energy reflects off the far end of the capacitor plate, nearly doubling the voltage by adding to further incoming energy.

So the true equation for displacement current leads to quantum mechanics, discrete jumps [it is on my internet site].

My feeling is that you have to dismiss all of Catt's political diatribes and some of his unfounded assertions in his scientific books and papers, and to focus on what is provably fact, which gets you down to a few important discoveries. You then have to follow them up.


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