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Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Einstein never knew that Oliver Heaviside, who had first 'popularised' Maxwell's equations, had experimentally found using a long cable that the invariant-speed transverse electromagnetic wave is the mechanism of electricity."
"AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL: How many more air disasters?" (Cover story, Electronics World, January 2003, p12):
"In July last year, problems with the existing system were highlighted by the tragic death of 71 people, including 50 school children, due to the confusion when Swiss air traffic control noticed too late that a Russian passenger jet and a Boeing 757 were on a collision path. The processing of extensive radar and other aircraft input information for European air space is a very big challenge, requiring a reliable system to warn air traffic controllers of impending disaster. So why has Ivor Catt's computer solution for Air Traffic Control been ignored by the authorities for 13 years?"
When will people listen to save innocent lives? Why suppress Catt when you know it is condemning many people to death who would otherwise be safe? If Catt had not been ignored by New Scientist in 1989, not only would 50 deprived kids have been saved but the 9/11 disaster could have been averted in America because the computer control system would be capable of dealing with terrorist aircraft hijacking.
http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/EWD/transcriptions/EWD08xx/EWD839.html: Professor Edsger W. Dijkstra, Burroughs Research Fellow, writes:
‘The highlight, however, was being introduced to Mr. Ivor Catt, whom I had never met in person, though I knew very well who he was. By virtue of his involvement, Catt knows all the ins and outs of one of the major scientific scandals of the last 15 years, viz. the systematic suppression in the world of electronics of all publications about the phenomenon of the so-called glitch and its ramifications.’
Maxwell’s field theory which says displacement current flows from one capacitor plate to another to complete continuity of current in a circuit (vacuum dielectric between capacitor plates). Ivor Catt found problems with Maxwell but solved them by proving that a pair of wires is a capacitor, in IEEE Trans. EC-16, 1967, and Proc. IEE, June 83 & June 87, also in book Digital Hardware Design, Macmillan 1979 now free on line at www.ivorcatt.org

Having thus exposed the ‘clever obscure mathematicians’ to wear the Emperors New Clothes, paranoid speculators who don’t have the sense to avoid attacking vested interests of new knowledge brokers, now examine the consequences. They have already condemned themselves to extinction and ridicule.
The fact that Maxwell’s displacement current which is the foundation for his ad hoc light theory (fiddled from 1862-65) ‘prediction’ for the speed of light is false and that Einstein used it to obtain 1905 special relativity, means that the central tenant of modern science has collapsed. When the error was corrected, it predicted quantum theory, since energy travels at light speed when it enters a capacitor and along the plates, reflecting back at the end. The voltage between the plates of a charging capacitor increases in discrete steps when the reflected energy from the end of the plates adds to energy still flowing into the capacitor, nearly doubling the voltage. Maxwell’s formula for the displacement current in a charging capacitor is a continuous variation, while the variation is actually a lot of small steps. Modern Physics, lacking the correct Maxwell equation, has adopted a political compromise developed by Niels Bohr, which seeks to obfuscate by keeping Maxwell’s false law intact and labelled ‘classical’ physics. The politics state that it is heresy to modify classical physics. Hence progress is prevented by Niel Bore’s (whoops, I should spell it Bohr) political defence of status quo.


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