Quantum gravity physics based on facts, giving checkable predictions

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Another revision of the page mentioned with the gravity mechanism. I have two calculations for the force, using different approaches. In one of them, which is very simple, the outward force produces an inward pressure using Newton's laws. In that calculation, the outward force is F=ma, where m is mass of the universe. The effective inward force is the same, so the effective mass of spacetime fabric pushing inward can be viewed as similar to the actual mass of the universe.

The other calculation is completely different, and is the one I give at the mentioned page. It has the advantage of not requiring any assumption of the cross-sectional shielding area associated with a fundamental particle for gravity.

In that calculation, the shielding effect is done not by equating the total inward space mass equivalent to the mass of the universe which is moving outward, but by considering just the mass which is shielded.

Geometrically, whatever the shielding of 1 kg mass, it will shield the same area as the inward pressure from 1 kg. This can be compensated for the great distance of the mass which is creating the inward pressure. So an optical-type focussing effect occurs, which you would expect for a Lesage gravity shadowing.


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