Quantum gravity physics based on facts, giving checkable predictions

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Discussion with Dr Lubos Motl: http://www.blogger.com/publish-comment.do?blogID=8666091&postID=112584032874950905&r=ok:

Nigel said...
Dear Lumo,Have you seen http://eskesthai.blogspot.com/2005/08/fifth-dimension-is-spacetime-fabric.html yet?I'd be glad for a comment by you.Best wishes,Nigel
9:45 AM

Lumo said...
Dear Nigel,that article involves many ideas. The holographic principle is correct in quantum gravity, at least in some contexts. Maldacena's correspondence is correct - and even more reliable and it's one of the reasons why the previous paragraph is true.Neither the holographic principle nor anything else leads us to modify the rules of quantum mechanics.No consistent deformation of the quantum mechanical postulates is known and there are many reasons to think that none is possible mathematically.I did not understand how these things should be related to kinetic theory of radiation.BestLubos
10:54 AM

Nigel said...
Dear Lumo,Thanks for your comment. I've summarised the idea in this illustration: http://members.lycos.co.uk/nigelbryancook/Image9.JPG I agree that the rules of quantum mechanics do not need modification. What seems to be needed however is a clear, testable way to bring in gravity.It seems that the spacetime fabric can be viewed physically as a form of radiation, pushing masses. Where shielded from this by another nearby mass, you get pushed towards that mass by the asymmetry.Best wishes,Nigel
12:56 PM


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