Quantum gravity physics based on facts, giving checkable predictions

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Comment on Plato's blog

The first thing to do is understand the causal mechanism behind the exclusion principle, the spin thing, which is a magnetism force effect. The electrons and quarks are small normal dipole magnets and align in pairs, cancelling each other's magnetism out, just as when you have a pile of magnets. They don't align themselves naturally into one super magnet, but into pairs pointing opposite ways, because the entropy increases that way. Electrons in an atom feel each other's magnetism as well as the electric force. In fact the polar (radial) magnetic field from the electron core won't be shielded by the polarised vacuum, so it will produce greater magnetic force effects than the electric field from the core which is reduced by a factor of 137 by the polarised vacuum shield.


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