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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Above: the powerpoint slide from Smolin's talk, a diagram from Craig B. Markwardt's paper 'Independent Confirmation of the Pioneer 10 Anomalous Acceleration'. http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0208046

Dr Lee Smolin's talk at 2005 Loop Quantum Gravity: PIONEER 10 ACCELERATING AT ~8.6 x 10^-10 m/s^2

The acceleration of the big bang is the variation in velocities (0 - c) over variations in the time component of spacetime (0 - 15,000,000,000 years), a = c/t = 7 x 10^-10 m/s^2.

I've just listened to a video of Smolin's talk, Some persistent puzzles in background independent approaches to quantum gravity. Holy smoke! I never knew that Pioneer 10 and 11 are accelerating at the amount given by the big bang gravity model on my page. Here is a transcript of the relevant part of Smolin's presentation (he suggests anomalies because of the 1 in 100 million asymmetry in the quantum gravity loops that upsets accelerations on cosmic scales):

'One can multiply by the speed of light, but that just turns the Hubble distance into the Hubble time. If one multiplies by two speeds of light to get a big number and divides by the Hubble scale, one gets an acceleration which is 10^-8 cm/s^2, and every place where we observe that acceleration there are anomalies in Newton's laws!

'Now I don't know whether to believe this set of anomalies, the Pioneer anomaly, I'm not going to argue for it, but the claim is that what is measured in two independent satellites, maybe three if you stretch the data, is an anomalous acceleration toward the sun of 8 x 10 ^-8 cm/s^2. And then there's the dark matter, the fact that the [galaxy] rotation curves go flat, because it turns out that that's a typical acceleration for stars in the outer edges of the galaxy. ...'

References: http://www.space-time.info/pioneer/pioanomlit.html


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